Business Memberships

Business Memberships

Scope of Work's Membership community is a high-signal, low-noise place to discuss engineering, manufacturing, and the business of (mostly) physical product development. Business Memberships allow you and your team to benefit from the expertise, resourcefulness, and connectivity of our community, helping to speed up your release cycles and improve the quality of your output.

Business Memberships receive:

  • Five seats on Scope of Work's community Slack instance
  • Two job listings per year in Scope of Work's newsletter, with 80% discounts on all job listings after that
  • Deep discounts on sponsored posts in Scope of Work's newsletter, which let you advertise your products, events, and content
  • Access to participate in (as both community members and, where appropriate, as interviewees) our regularly scheduled AMAs and reading groups
  • A 45-minute onboarding call with Spencer Wright or Hillary Predko

Sign up for your Business Membership below, or be in touch here with any questions.

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