Mistakes happen. Scope of Work is committed to correcting errors and taking reading feedback seriously. When Scope of Work publishes an error, we will acknowledge it and take appropriate steps to correct it as quickly as possible in the newsletter archive and, if necessary, in subsequent issues, or on social media. Each correction is logged at the bottom of this page, and we pay out a bounty of $10 to a registered charity.

To alert editors to a needed correction email team (at) scopeofwork (dot) net.

The editorial team will correct factual errors; guest writers and contributors may or may not be consulted depending on the nature of the error. Simple corrections involving dates or figures will be updated without consulting writers. Errors involving nuance, context, or tone will be addressed in consultation with guest writers or contributors.

Straightforward corrections will be logged in the corrections log at the bottom of this page, and the published archive will be revised with a clarifying note at the bottom. The typical correction style is:

When first published, X was misstated and has been corrected. Then, if needed, a sentence explaining the fact as it should have been reported.

If an error is deemed significant or egregious — for example, misleading, fabricated, unethical — then an editor’s note will be included in the following week’s newsletter alongside the most clicked link. Generally, Scope of Work will not repeat the original error and will not editorialize about the cause or implication of the error in publishing a correction.

If a request for a retraction or correction comes from an outside attorney or person threatening a legal response, the editor in chief and our legal counsel must be consulted before any response or decision is made about how to handle the complaint.

If incorrect information is shared on social media, Scope of Work will notify readers using the same platform and provide the accurate information.



When first published, the pronoun for Grand Chief Sky-Deer said was misstated and has been corrected. A $10 donation to Tsi Tyónnheht Onkwawén:na has been made.


When first published, the country of origin for Jabil Incorporated was misstated and has been corrected. A $10 donation to the Open Hardware Association has been made.


When first published, the weight of an empty barrel was misstated and has been corrected. A $10 donation to Food for the Poor has been made.


When first published, the network that produced White Lotus was misstated and has been corrected. A $10 donation to the American Cancer Society has been made.


When first published, the requirements for MAPTIS access were misstated and have been corrected. A $10 donation to the Brooke Owens Fellowship has been made.

2021-10-28, THE BIG SCORE

When first published, the Mac’s memory, the location of Eniac, and the date of Jobs’ visit to PARC were misstated and have been corrected. A $10 donation to Grid Alternatives has been made.

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