2024-02-23 5 min read

Scope Creep, 2024-02-23.

Scope Creep, 2024-02-23.
Construction composition with spackle; Meadow Lane, summer 2012.

Ah, what a week. Such a different cadence, no? I, for one, found it energizing. It takes a lot of focus to compose a single long email, and it feels like five medium-length emails resulted in a potentially healthier schedule – and some writing that I'm pretty proud of.

Anyway, today is supposed to be easy – all scope creep, all the time 🤙 This week we've got about a dozen ish items, spread across ~1100 words: On foam mattress manufacturing, Baedecker guides, nuclear-cogenerated district steam, and the geological history of true cobblestones.

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