2018-12-03 3 min read


On my own blog, how The Public Radio's US-based supply chain works. If you're curious about how one would make consumer electronics in the US - or what just-in-time electronics operations look like - then this is for you!

Also, a standing request: The Prepared wants to follow a more intelligent, interesting, and diverse audience. If you know (or are) someone doing good work, let us know here.

The most clicked link in last week's issue (~21% of opens) was Bruce Sterling's essay (polemic?) on smart cities.

Planning & Strategy.

Making & Manufacturing.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

Distribution & Logistics.

Inspection, Testing & Analysis.

  • Kohzy's running twitter thread of pictures of construction site wall portholes.
  • Starsky Robotics, which is working on autonomous trucks, explains why they don't (and won't) use LIDAR.
  • Why Google/Alphabet's eye contact glucose sensor failed: Basically, measuring glucose in tears is *hard.*
  • On modern anxiety, etc: "Like many modern workers, I find that only a small percentage of my job is now actually doing my job. The rest is performing a million acts of unpaid micro-labor that can easily add up to a full-time job in itself. Tweeting and sharing and schmoozing and blogging. Liking and commenting on others’ tweets and shares and schmoozes and blogs. Ambivalently “maintaining a presence on social media,” attempting to sell a semi-fictional, much more appealing version of myself in the vain hope that this might somehow help me sell some actual stuff at some unspecified future time."


Photos from the M=7.0 earthquake in Alaska last week.

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