2018-02-12 3 min read


A *very* warm welcome to our newest sponsor, Dragon Innovation! As a friend, customer, and oft-co-panelist of theirs, I'm happy to have them here.

The 3MF Beamlattice extension, which I was proud to spearhead on behalf of nTopology, has been has been released! This is the result of almost a year and a half's worth of work, spread out among a dozen or so of 3D printing's most forward-thinking players. I'll have more to share about this soon, but for now I'll just say that file specs are a fascinating, complicated, and strangely exciting world :)

Planning & Strategy.

  • A *very* good longform piece on The Wonderful Company, of Pom (& pistachio & almond) fame. Wonderful operates the largest farm in the US, and it does so in California's Central Valley. Though the recent drought Wonderful’s output has *increased* year after year, as their farms have consumed 2/3 as much water as all of LA county - sapping not only the state-run reserves but also public water supplies 40 miles away. They've done this, of course, in service of a lot of overpriced pseudoscience - but all the while they've also undertaken a campaign of philanthropy of rarified scale. A big, complicated, and troubling/hopeful story.
  • On GE and the decline of the industrial conglomerate. As someone whose career path bears almost zero resemblance to GE's average employee, I'll only say that the feeling of visiting GE Global Research - and the logic behind the shared-service model of heavy, 20th century R&D - is both palpable and compelling.
  • Bunnie Huang on the (low) cost of entry to ASIC chip design.

Making & Manufacturing.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

Distribution & Logistics.

Inspection & Testing.


On the absolutely chaotic fluid & particle dynamics in laser metal 3D printing.

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