2015-12-20 2 min read



I just finished The Idea Factory (on Bell Labs - recommended!), and am just starting Uncommon Carriers (John McPhee's book about shipping & logistics). Yay books!



  • From Noah, an *amazing* video (both in content and absolutely insane production style) showing the investment casting process from start to finish. I also recommend browsing Suburban Tool's YouTube channel, as there are a bunch of great (and equally bizarre) things there.
  • The game company Valve is building a gaming controller, and their manufacturing process (which was apparently set up by Flex) is *highly* automated. This video is *awesome.*
  • Some details on Facebook's efforts to improve (and open source) server hardware.
  • The Hyperloop companies are moving forward with testing. Kinda sad to read that one of them is basically assuming that their first installation will *not* be in the US.
  • Bombardier's CSeries program (a highly efficient and quiet jet plane built to seat 160 passengers) isn't quite dead yet, but this article is basically a post mortem. Too bad, too - it sounds nice. (Thanks, Kane!)



Stuff that doesn't fit into my dumb/arbitrary categories.


On Google's work to build a universal quantum computer.

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