2015-09-26 2 min read



I wrote up some thoughts I've had about design optimization, design complexity, and additive manufacturing. They're things that I've been increasingly struck with over the past month; it was nice to get them down on paper.

Also I finished The Toyota way and am looking for a new audiobook to listen to, preferably on the kinds of topics that I cover in this newsletter. Shoot me a note with ideas!


  • A pretty interesting article about NREC, Carnegie Mellon's robotics center, and Uber. Research institutions are weird.
  • An O'Reilly article from a few months ago, written by the CEO of Distributed Microfactories, on the "environmental systems damage" of auto manufacturing.
  • A serious question: How do you convince big companies to stop putting interesting stuff in powerpoints that they share by email? Or better yet, build a business that extracts the value that's lost by (relatively good) presentations like this one being basically impossible to find unless you ask the right sales rep the right question?
  • Autodesk bought netfabb. Man.




Stuff that doesn't fit into my dumb/arbitrary categories.


A NIST analysis of the cost structure of additively manufactured parts.

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