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A followup to in-person conversations I've had about the "Pathing" section: It's supposed to be about the decision making process, in particular what you decide to work on - and how you make that decision. That said, my categorization is worth exactly what you pay for it ;)

Also, I've been having somewhat higher open & click rates when I send this out on a Sunday, and for the time being I think that's a good thing and should be continued.

And next week,I'm on a panel discussion about launching a hardware startup at the Design for Manufacturing Summit. It's in DUMBO on Thursday the 19th - if you're in town, you should use my discount code & come!




  • The New York Infrastructure Observatory is planning on visiting the Ports of New York and New Jersey. You should come.
  • The largest shipping terminal in the Ports of New York and New Jersey is Global Container Terminals Bayonne, which has some pretty good videos (the third one in particular). Fun fact: Global Container Terminals is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.
  • I hate linking to paywalls but this WSJ article about how labor disputes (and the planned expansion of the Panama Canal) is shifting shipping traffic to the East Coast is worth your time.
  • Two good acronyms to know: RMG, for rail mounted gantry; and RTG, for rubber tyred gantry. Compare both of these to container cranes.


Stuff that doesn't fit into my dumb/arbitrary categories.


Vessel Finder is an impressively good (if a bit visually cluttered)
real-time map of, like, all of the ships.

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