2023-08-25 1 min read

We're reading The Apple II Age

We're reading The Apple II Age
The collage above includes a screenshot from II in a Mac, an emulator available from The Internet Archive.

Personal computing has long since arrived: Our lives and homes are bursting at the seams with computers; old phones and laptops spill out of drawers, full of the digital ephemera of our lives. In their recent book, Laine Nooney, Assistant Professor of Media Industries at NYU, traces the history of how computers became so ubiquitous. They outline how the Apple II, released in 1977, was pivotal in bringing everyday people on board as users and ushering in the personal computer revolution.

Starting on 2023-09-08, Scope of Work's Reading Group is getting into microcomputing, reading The Apple II Age: How the Computer Became Personal by Laine Nooney. Each Friday, we discuss the book on Zoom and swap links and thoughts throughout the week on Slack.

Members of Scope of Work can join the conversation in the #community-reading-groups channel on Slack – and follow along with the book themselves starting on 2023-09-08.

Scope of Work
Scope of Work
Excellent writing about the physical world.
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