2023-10-20 1 min read

We're reading Shape

We're reading Shape

While I still traverse Cartesian planes in CAD, most of the geometry I learned in school is now a distant memory. I might paid closer attention if the lessons were as sprawling and fascinating as Jordan Ellenberg's book. He argues geometric principles undergird the entire world (and proves it with anecdotes, diagrams, and many, many footnotes).

Starting on 2023-10-20, Scope of Work's Reading Group is getting into geometry, reading Shape: The Hidden Geometry of Information, Biology, Strategy, Democracy, and Everything Else by Jordan Ellenberg. Each Friday, we discuss the book on Zoom and swap links and thoughts throughout the week on Slack.

Members of Scope of Work can join the conversation in the #community-reading-groups channel on Slack – and follow along with the book themselves starting on 2023-10-20.

Scope of Work
Scope of Work
Excellent writing about the physical world.
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