2024-03-08 4 min read

Scope Creep, 2024-03-08.

Scope Creep, 2024-03-08.
End grain wood flooring, as seen here, is common in many of my favorite early-twentieth-century industrial buildings. While it looks like (heavily painted) fired bricks, it's actually brick-sized wooden blocks, oriented with the end grain up. Photo taken in an unspecified early-twentieth-century building in New York City, February 2024.

Sometimes the weeks are just packed; this one was such a week. It included roughly six hours spent chatting with Members of SOW (about half in person), and an additional hour and a half chatting with readers. I also wrote two or three thousand words, about a third of which will eventually appear in this newsletter, and struggled with the workflow from Illustrator (which, like all of Adobe’s software, I will never truly understand) into Glowforge (whose software I really don’t care for). And I biked, as of Thursday evening, ninety-one kilometers – right about on track for the distance I like putting in, though I would have preferred if more of it had taken place under sunnier conditions.

Anyway, it’s Scope Creep Friday; this issue contains all the things I came across this week which you should very much know about, but which I don’t at this current time have the ability to write at length on.


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