2024-03-01 6 min read

Scope Creep, 2024-03-01.

Scope Creep, 2024-03-01.
Untitled infrastructural scene near Union Square, New York City, February 2024.

Writing these Scope Creep issues – which are similar in many ways to old issues of The Prepared – is honestly kind of a treat. I enjoy the serendipity, the surprise; picking up a crumb and realizing it’s actually a strand of something, woven in umpteen directions at the same time, and now that I’ve got it in my hand I can pull this way, and then that way, and every way I pull I find more things to pick up and look at and pull on.

I suppose in this way knowledge is like light, and I would encourage you to think of each idea below as both a particle and as a wave. Ideas are granular, discontinuous... but they are also samplings from within fields, the surfaces of which stretch and warp and undulate as we observe them.

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