2024-02-16 2 min read

Notes, 2024-02-16.

Notes, 2024-02-16.
I can't remember all the details, but "EPC" means "engineering, procurement, and construction" and "trees" refers to "Christmas trees," which are a critical piece of hardware for extracting fossil fuels from the ground. Anyway, I drew this chart in 2014 upon my return from Aberdeen, a trip which I described part of on Monday; the chart was meant to describe how our clients' projects were broken down and executed.

It's another Scope Creep Friday — a one-week-old tradition which is feeling kind of nice.

As a reminder: Next Friday, the SOW Reading Group is discussing Jun'ichirō Tanizaki’s In Praise of Shadows, a very short book on aesthetics in which Japanese bathrooms feature prominently. You can join us! You can also join me on walk-and-talks in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, by signing up here.

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