2019-12-09 2 min read


Cities & Transportation.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

Distribution & Logistics.

  • A bizarre GPS spoofing epidemic in Shanghai's port, in which thousands of ships appear to be traveling in circles. The source and purpose of the spoofing remain a mystery.
  • Anna Wiener tours an Amazon fulfillment center, framing the company's supply chain as an interface that conceals the humans upon which it runs. "Amazon is actually a company full of people, with all their inefficiencies—their bodily needs, their grief, their camaraderie, boredom, humor, and despair. The anonymity to which Amazon shoppers are accustomed is palliative, illusory."
  • 90,000 packages are stolen daily in New York City. The growing threat of package theft—in New York and elsewhere—is precipitating a variety of precautionary actions, increasing demand for video doorbell cameras among other things (see also: Vice's series on home surveillance company Ring and its eager collaboration with law enforcement).
  • The Amazon effect: Curbside cardboard waste is increasing along with online shopping, while the recycling industry has grown less equipped to handle it.

Maps & Data.

  • Oil is the New Data. The partnership between the oil and tech industries, in which oil companies act as perfect customers for cloud providers. "Big Tech isn’t responsible for Kazakhstan’s reliance on oil. Nor can we blame it for the climate catastrophe that we’re facing. But it is certainly exacerbating both."
  • Mapping the shadows of New York City.


Kudzu's mythic rise and fall in the American South

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