2019-05-13 3 min read


Planning & Strategy.

  • Me, writing about my accidental career as a marketer.
  • An interesting essay on politics, corporations, and organizational structures. Contemporary western corporations are organized from the top down - exactly the opposite of our political system. In socialist Yugoslavia under Tito, the state was organized top-down but workplaces were bottom-up. "So there were two societies with key spheres of human activity (work and social) organized according to the exactly opposite principles...This is where more technocratic political capitalism of the Chinese or Singaporean variety comes to mind. What it tells you is that essentially the same efficient and dictatorial way in which the production of cell phones is organized ought to be extended to the political sphere. It argues that the two spheres are essentially the same. In both efficiency is reached by clear goal-directed activities which are technical in nature and which should not be subject to the constant approval by workers or citizens."
  • I want to make a Longbet about

Making & Manufacturing.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

Distribution & Logistics.

Inspection, Testing & Analysis.


A good, practical guide to product testing requirements and methods.

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Love, Spencer.

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Spencer Wright
Spencer Wright
Spencer Wright is the (mostly accidental) founder of Scope of Work, which he started writing (as The Prepared) in 2013. Today he serves as its editor-in-chief and chief dilettante.
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