2018-10-08 3 min read


Planning & Strategy.

Making & Manufacturing.

  • A 1900 photo of the IRT Lexington Ave Line (aka the 4/5/6; one of the oldest subway lines in NYC and the world) being built (cut and cover) at Broadway-Lafayette.
  • A new bike suspension design that uses magnetorheological fluid to control damping force dynamically. Basically, the oil that's used in these shocks has magnetic particles suspended in it and exhibits more or less apparent viscosity when it's subjected to a magnetic field. And if you continuously vary that magnetic field then you can make a suspension fork (or shock) that's damped differently depending on the momentary conditions (compressive force and position in the stroke). Pretty rad.
  • In addition to Elon's antics with the SEC this week, Tesla released Q3 production numbers. "The average production of Model 3s per week — the yardstick Musk has used to describe the health of the company’s production efforts — for the quarter was a little over 4,000. That’s still short of the 6,000 per week he targeted earlier this year, but it’s high enough for the company to consider production 'stabilized,' according to the release."
  • If anyone out there has used Vention to design a fixture/cell, I'd be curious to hear about your experience. Send me a note?
  • MRE pizza is finally, after years of development, a thing.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

Distribution & Logistics.

Inspection, Testing & Analysis.


Planet Labs' remarkable before-after satellite images of the Indonesia earthquake.

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