2018-07-30 3 min read


Planning & Strategy.

  • Ofo retreated from the US market, laying off most of their US staff.
  • Root Ventures, which is behind not only nTopology but a lot of the companies covered in The Prepared, raised a new fund to continue investing in... interesting stuff :)
  • According to a memo, Tesla has asked many of its suppliers for retroactive cash discounts on orders going back as far as 2016. "The company called such requests a standard part of procurement negotiations to improve its competitive advantage."
  • A map showing the recruitment area of the Dutch East India Company during the 18th century.

Making & Manufacturing.

  • SPONSORED - GE's M LINE FACTORY concept, which modularizes their flagship metal printers to allow for economical series production on an industrial scale. In a world where many metal printers are being designed as all-in-one units, it's pretty awesome to see GE optimizing each subsystem's utilization rate and creating a fully lights-out production concept. Make sure you scroll down to watch the video demo, which gives a good overview of how GE is thinking about additive factories in the future.
  • I blasted through The Machine that Changed the World, which chronicles the rise of Lean Manufacturing, last week. It was a little humbling to consider the scope of collaboration - and the sheer discipline - that the Japanese auto manufacturers brought to their work, and to be honest it mostly made me consider just how uptight my own habits still are. Recommended.
  • How wagon wheels were built.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

Distribution & Logistics.

Inspection, Testing & Analysis.


  • A pretty remarkable folding bike & folding boat commute across the Hudson River.

A profile of the Ferrero company, which is family owned and purchases a third of the world's hazlenut supply.

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