2018-07-16 3 min read


Planning & Strategy.

  • Xometry acquired MakeTime. Xometry's big claim to fame is an instant quoting system which works with most of the many manufacturing processes they offer. Historically, they have acted as something of a hybrid job shop/marketplace, making some parts in-house and shopping others out to third party suppliers. MakeTime, meanwhile, was a pure platform, primarily targeting manufacturers who wanted to increase utilization by taking on contract jobs. The new entity claims to be "the industry’s single largest [manufacturing] platform," and stands in contrast to Proto Labs' and Plethora's in-house approaches.
  • Tesla signed a deal with the Shanghai city government that allows them to build a factory there without entering into a joint venture with a local firm. "A Tesla spokesman said it would take about two years until the factory begins producing vehicles, and another two to three years before the facility is hitting its annual capacity of 500,000 vehicles." Recall, Tesla's weekly 5k-unit production target of Model 3s adds up to 260,000 of those (plus an additional ~104k S and X models) per year.
  • Rocket Lab is looking for a US launch site to augment their operation in New Zealand.
  • Boeing apparently issued a formal RFQ for engines for the 797, a new midrange commercial airplane. The plane would have an oval cross section and would be designed to make money not only at purchase time but throughout its lifecycle. "The 797 would complement another Boeing initiative to take more work in-house, from luxury seats to auxiliary power units. Doing so gives Boeing rights to sell the spare parts for those components over a jet’s 30-year commercial life."

Making & Manufacturing.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

Distribution & Logistics.

Inspection, Testing & Analysis.


A short film on the Mauritania Railway, which brings iron ore and fish across the Sahara.

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