2018-04-02 4 min read


Hey Preppers. It's me, Lisa, again, The Prepared's West Coast correspondent.

This week's issue has a lot of links to applications of materials science -- silver ions in clothing, coatings to prevent fruit rot, plutonium pacemakers, 'maxels' and some promising research for how to fix the exploding lithium battery problem. It's cool to see how new scientific discoveries make their way into products and manufacturing techniques, sometimes with unintended consequences.

Planning & Strategy.

Making & Manufacturing.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

Distribution & Logistics.

  • UPS announced the launch of an electric charging network for their delivery fleet in London. In the long term, this is a cost reduction play, as eventually deploying an electric delivery truck will be cheaper than a diesel powered one. They mention that one of the challenges is charging all the vehicles simultaneously, given that the London grid isn't set up for the load; unfortunately I couldn't find great details on how it works.
  • I recently learned that Nestle pumps up springwater for one of its bottled water lines near Flint, Michigan, for the low low price of $200 a year in filing fees. At an estimated 210m gallons pumped a year, that's a pretty good return on investment. Nestle applied to increase this amount in 2016 and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's computer model rejected the proposal, but the human operators said it's probably OK to do anyway. A bill was introduced last October that would change the pricing of groundwater extraction in Michigan, but it hasn't gone anywhere since it's introduction.

Inspection & Testing.

  • Hubble's replacement telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope has been in the works since 1990. An update issued this week puts the project behind by a few months, setting the launch for 2020. The reason for the delay? Testing is taking longer than anticipated.


Using salt to make crystalline fabrics

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