2018-01-29 3 min read


Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. Got a burning curiosity about something in manufacturing? Send it along :)

I'll be at the 3MF consortium this week, working on file specs for 3D printable lattice structures for nTopology.

Planning & Strategy.

  • The US International Trade Commission ruled 4-0 that Bombardier's CSeries pricing does *not* harm Boeing, and discarded the Commerce Department's recommendation that their new narrow-body jets be subject to a 292% tariff. "Through a venture with European planemaker Airbus SE, which has agreed to take a majority stake in the CSeries this year, Bombardier plans to assemble CSeries jets in Alabama to be sold to U.S. carriers [including, importantly, Delta] starting in 2019."
  • Elon Musk "has agreed" to stay on as Tesla's CEO for ten years, and will only be paid (in stock which would be worth as much as $55B) if the company's value increases more than tenfold over that period.
  • I'm reading (er, skimming on audiobook) Profit First, which was recommended (with some caveats) by Maria, and which Dan accurately describes here as "one of those books that should have been a blog post." Like them, I recommend it - with some caveats.
  • Andrew Ng, the AI researcher formerly of Google and Baidu, is now working on manufacturing.
  • Andreas is looking for a student (undergrad, masters, or PhD) with strong CS skills in 3D graphics/geometry and familiarity with mechanical engineering and simulation concepts to join the Autodesk Design Research team in SF. Hit up Andreas on LinkedIn or via email for more information.

Making & Manufacturing.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

Distribution & Logistics.

Inspection & Testing.


  • On the rise and... continued rise of supermarket rotisserie chicken. "Costco sold 87 million in its 2017 fiscal year...Now Costco is building its own roughly $300 million chicken-processing plant in Nebraska, which should be cheaper than buying ready-to-cook chickens from suppliers."
  • On Kodak's new blockchain foray, which is being run by WENN, which (in its own words) "developed an international pool of paparazzi photographers" in the 90s. "What does KodakOne do? It trawls the web for unauthorized use of images that WENN holds the rights to. When the system finds a licensing violation, it will settle payments due to photographers using KodakCoin."

A good overview of tunnel boring machines + The Boring Company's specious rhetoric.

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