2017-11-20 3 min read


I'm on the hunt for web based inventory management and light ERP systems, and will be testing a few user-submitted entries over the coming weeks. If you've got a system that can track mechanical & electrical parts, convert them into finished products in inventory, and then track inventory as orders are fulfilled, holler! BIG bonus points if it has a RESTful API so that we can integrate it with the rest of our order management system.

And! Next week is the second annual Prepared Tool Guide! If you've got recommendations, send 'em over.

Planning & Strategy.

Making & Manufacturing.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

  • The NYTimes utterly guts the MTA's management and maintenance planning. The first thing that comes to mind for me is how to incentivize politicians to care about maintenance that won't truly matter for decades; the next thing that comes to mind is that where there's a need like what New Yorkers have for public transit, there must be ways for private businesses to fill that gap profitably and effectively. I'd love to talk to smart people on this subject; holler.
  • Related, a very good service tracker for the MTA.

Distribution & Logistics.

Inspection & Testing.

  • A remarkably thorough review of $1 microcrontrollers.
  • The Farm Bureau says that Thanksgiving for 10 people costs $49.12. Worth pointing out that 1) shoppers are asked to find the cheapest version of everything on their list, and 2) there's no alcohol included, and 3) their "bread stuffing" sounds lame.


A profile of a bronze foundry in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

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