2017-10-17 2 min read


A warm welcome to our new sponsors: MTConnect (the leading machine-to-machine communication protocol), and Octopart (the excellent parts search engine; they're also hiring a senior product manager in NYC).

I spent last weekend with friends (both internet and IRL) at Kickstarter, thinking a lot about the state of engineering & manufacturing. I'll be talking more about these topics - small batch & on demand manufacturing specifically - at Formlabs' event in NYC this Wednesday. Come!

Planning & Strategy.

Making & Manufacturing.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

Distribution & Logistics.

  • Star wants to talk to anyone who has used or has a need for spot, on-demand, next-flight out, or charter air freight. Holler!
  • Uber and Lyft most likely *add* to traffic in major US cities today. "Many believe that sharing vehicles can help address our growing transportation woes — however, this research shows that sharing vehicles is not enough. We will likely need to foster more dense development patterns that can minimize vehicle miles traveled through walkable and bike-friendly neighborhoods, continue to invest in mass transit, and facilitate shared rides in shared vehicles through pricing or incentives."
  • An excellent visualization of how smoke blew down into the SF Bay last week.

Inspection & Testing.


  • Boston! Learn more about what I do at nTopology at Brad Rothenberg's session at Develop 3D Live next week. Deets here.
  • I read The Remains of The Day, and enjoyed it.

DHL's electric recumbent delivery bikes.

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