2017-10-08 3 min read


Barcelona, I barely knew you. To those who asked: I was only on the ground for ~50 hours, and during that time I noticed the political unrest about as much as I'd guess a foreign visitor would have upon visiting NYC after the 2016 elections. Note that I don't speak Catalan, though :/

More on topic: BioLite, which is NYC based and also awesome, is hiring! They've got a number of roles, including a senior EE. More on BioLite in our interview with Jonathan Cedar from a few weeks ago.

And: Are you an industrial designer in NYC who does freelance work? Holler - *especially* if you're not a white dude!

Planning & Strategy.

Making & Manufacturing.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

  • On Chinese soil pollution, the grave threat it poses to Chinese population growth, and the immense logistical challenge of cleaning it up.

Distribution & Logistics.

Inspection & Testing.

  • Me, writing in Simulia Community News (starts page 24), about using Abaqus & nTopology Element to analyze and optimize lattice structures. Bonus: the example part is the titanium headset cap that I've been working on :)
  • Despite the short Barcelona trip, I was able to walk past the Sagrada Familia and was struck at how long it's taking to build. This Quora post provides some good context - in short, the ~150 year projected duration is actually average to short for Great European Cathedrals (cf. Cologne, whose construction spanned more than 600 years).
  • On the quality of various San Marzano - or, more accurately, "San Marzano style" - canned tomatoes.


Singapore is tiny, but there's a *lot* of cool stuff underneath it.

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