2017-08-21 2 min read


I'm taking next weekend off! And passing the mic over to Lisa Neigut. I first met Lisa when she cold emailed to tell me the text on my website was too small, and since then I've grown to *very* much appreciate her (often sardonic and always sharp) perspectives on twitter and elsewhere. Enjoy :)

Also - Andrew has a 1995 Haas VF2 in NYC and is looking to sublet or share some workspace. If you've got room, give me a holler and I'll connect you!

Planning & Strategy.

Making & Manufacturing.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

Distribution & Logistics.

Inspection & Testing.


  • Brendan on his coworking community. As someone who spent most of the 5 years immediately following college working alone, this resonates.
  • A/D/O is giving away a 4 month, 2 desk membership to a hardware product company in NYC.
  • A short doc on Jeff Koons. I'm on a mission to find a teardown (or, preferably, to take part in one IRL) of one of his sculptures - which are works of manufacturing mastery. Holler.

Alexander Graham Bell's tetrahedral kites.

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