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See me speak - and better yet, speak with me! I'll be at AMUG (Chicago) next week, RAPID (Pittsburgh) in April, and The Digital Factory (Boston) in June.

Planning & Strategy.

  • I'm officially offering paid subscriptions to The Prepared, which come with thank-yous on theprepared.org. I love doing this, but it costs me money to get The Prepared out every week; help make it a sustainable practice!
  • Re: Women's day: I've noticed, recently, that my readership is overwhelmingly male, and I feel like I should do something about that. Got ideas? Please, share!
  • Spurred by better rail transit to coastal China - and to Europe - inland Chinese cities are vying to become free trade zones.

Making & Manufacturing.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

  • A video tour of FastCap, a company that makes tools & organization systems for woodworking shops that are into lean manufacturing. As you'd imagine, FastCap is also *really* into lean manufacturing.
  • A video profile of a cool looking electronics repair shop near Rochester, NY. Note: this kind of work is ubiquitous in Shenzhen, and I'm sure in many other (non-US) places as well.

Distribution & Logistics.

Inspection & Testing.


Thanks as always to our recurring donors for supporting The Prepared. Credit also to Dan, Star, Derek, Dan, Basheer, Brad, Jonathan, Lucas, and Reilly for sending links.
A tour of Fordlandia, Henry Ford's tragic Amazonian manufacturing utopia.

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