2017-02-27 1 min read



A *huge* thanks to Eric, Sam, Dan, Noah, and Jordan for giving me a vacation. Having some space was nice - necessary, really - and seeing The Prepared through each of their eyes was refreshing.


I have a daughter! She's five weeks old tonight, which means that she's transitioned from "basically an alien" to "human, many times removed." It's weird; she's weird; I can't imagine her being her own person, but am excited for it to happen nevertheless.


The Prepared's purpose is to support real work. Not to keep you up on news, not to promote futurism, not to share eye candy. Taking a break has refreshed me on this point.


In between diaper changes, I've slipped a bit of personal work in - mostly on my desk, which is coming along quite nicely. I've also spent a bit of time reflecting on lessons from the past few years (1, 2), and on what I see as dismaying and unfortunate trends in American politics.


I'm reading The Three-Body Problem and Moby Dick. I also enjoyed Love and Radio on how to argue with white supremacists, and have been really into Marketplace's incredulous-but-chill approach to politics recently.

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