2017-01-29 1 min read



Hi folks, Sam here, long time reader, first time editor.

Supply Chain.

  • Commentary on issues facing a hot rolled steel tubing fabricator in Texas from the perspective of its Boston private equity owner.

Making & Manufacturing.


  • I've been thinking a lot about inverted pendulums this week and stumbled on sone interesting ones.
  • The Kapitza Pendulum is a stable inverted pendulum due to a vertically oscillating pivot point.
  • The Furuta Pendulum has a pivot point mounted on a rotating wheel.
  • The ACIN group out of Vienna has built a dynamically balanced double and triple(!) pendulum on a cart.
  • And here's an inverted pendulum with two degrees of freedom balanced by two reaction wheels.


  • I'm halfway through The Last Days of Night, a historical novel about the Edison / Westinghouse battle, Nikola Tesla, and the origins of the modern law firm. Highly recommended.

Inspection & Testing.



The first images from the GOES-16 Weather Satilite

Love, Sam

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