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Thanks to everyone for the feedback on last week's gift guide, and for everyone who sent favorite tools of their own. For anyone who missed it, there's a shareable link here.

This week I toured the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment facility with NYIO. There's another good tour coming up - if you're in NYC and want to see a data center, sign up here :)

Unrelated: I'm behind on personal email. Forgive me.

Planning & Strategy.

  • The president of Sandvik's Machining Solutions business said that "software firms were high on his acquisition agenda, with the CAD/CAM simulation process one focus of interest, alongside measurement technology and quality assurance."
  • Oerlikon, a Swiss manufacturer which specializes in high performance coatings for turbomachinery (and hence has a large and established powders business) acquired Citim, a large metal AM job shop with facilities in Germany and Georgia.
  • Otherlab is hiring (among other things) a power electronics engineer. So many good people & cool things happening there - holler at them!

Making & Manufacturing.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

Distribution & Logistics.

  • Maersk (the world's largest shipper) is looking to acquire Hamburg Sud (the seventh biggest shipper).
  • Ground effect is what happens when you fly close to the ground, and the air you're pushing down hits the ground and bounces back towards you.
  • 33 Thomas, the old AT&T Long Lines building famous for its brutalist concrete facade, plays a big role in the NSA's wiretapping program.
  • Brad sent this link about the FAA and biofuel, noting that "ethanol has approximately 73 percent of the energy content of automobile gasoline. The greater the amount of alcohol in the automobile gasoline, the greater the reduction in the aircraft’s range."

Inspection & Testing.


Credit to Severin, Andy, Alex, Camden, Gabe, Russell, Dan, Andre, Reilly, Avidan, and Xavier for sending links this week. If you see something, send something :)


The longest tunnel on earth, which bores through the Swiss Alps, opens this week. It took 17 years to build.

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