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What I've been feeling.

Was in Belgium last week, and am happy to be in NYC all week this week. Next week: Toronto, Madison, and Chicago.

Wayfinding & Strategy.

Making & Manufacturing.

  • Maslow is a pretty clever - and really inexpensive - router CNC kit launching on Kickstarter this week. NB: When they say "print," it's because they think you don't know what "CNC," "router," or "CNC router" mean. Prove them wrong!
  • Related: A pretty awesome video of a multi-axis CNC machining center working on a big gluelam.
  • Galling occurs when two metal parts slide against each other and, due to adhesion, one or both becomes plastic, tears, and smears. Thread galling, particularly between aluminum female threaded holes and stainless bolts, is a real pain in the ass, often resulting in aluminum literally welding itself to the bolt threads.
  • John is teaching an edX course on manufacturing processes. It began a few weeks ago, but I *think* you can still enroll!

Maintenance, Repair & Operations.

Distribution & Logistics.

Inspection & Testing.

  • Eric Paley is on fire right now: "It seems that even in the highest upside cases, raising less money leads to better companies. Yet today, most founders are convincing themselves to take the opposite approach." Related, this interview with Bryce Roberts is really good too.


  • Here's the thing: I find PG & Sam Altman's justifications for keeping Peter Thiel at Y Combinator unconvincing and offensive. Here are two links explaining why.
  • An introduction to Cherry MX switches, the clikety-clackety keyboard buttons. Coincidentally, Cherry was acquired by an investment firm this week.
  • Robin Williams' bike collection is up for auction on Paddle8.
  • A company called Kindernay is apparently launching a competitor to Rohloff's internally geared mountain bike hubs, with hydraulic shifting and an interchangeable hub flange design. Looks interesting.

Credit to Chris, Jordan, Nick, Mackenzie, Alex, Craig, and James for sending links this week. If you see something, send something :)


The first GE9X, which will be used on the Boeing 777X, was tested this week.

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