2016-08-29 3 min read



Okay! Lotta stuff here. So much so that I'm adding a new category: Maintenance, repair and operations, which you'll know as "MRO."

Wayfinding & Strategy.

  • A good interview with Basecamp's Jason Fried. It's refreshing to hear about software startups who have avoided venture capital, and Basecamp has a few such layers where they differ - in compelling ways - from what you might expect them to be like.
  • Patagonia's CEO on the financial upside to offering on-site child care.
  • A very good three part (one, two, three) blog post on the Japanese zoning, and how it differs from the Western approach. In short our municipalities tend to micromanage, and end up giving a lot of opportunities for NIMBYs to discourage mixed-use blocks - whereas in Japan, zoning is controlled nationally and is much more permissive.
  • The users you don't want.

Making & Manufacturing.

Maintenance, repair and operations.

Distribution & Logistics.

  • Mobileye is working on a self-driving "system" with Delphi, an auto parts supplier, that would be purchased by auto makers and integrated into their cars. Release date: 2019.
  • Did you know that Hughes Aircraft created & owned DirecTV when it was part of GM? I didn't. Interestingly, this was also when GM owned Delphi.
  • There's a crazy, emergent transportation system in Manila, based on old Jeeps left there by the US army. Jeepneys are visually wild, polluting (they mostly run on diesel), and cause the world's worst traffic congestion - yet it's hard to see how they'll ever be replaced.
  • Mexico City has an informal system of franeleros, who guarantee protection to your car while it's parked (and prevent you from parking unless you pay them).
  • A short profile of Otto, the autonomous truck startup that Uber just acquired.

Inspection & Testing.


Credit to Oliver, Tom, Kane, Severin, Mike, and Eric for sending links this week. If you see something, send something :)


We're at peak summer energy consumption.
Here's where the energy that we consume actually goes.

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