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I've been listening to a lot of classical music - mostly Glenn Gould (Haydn and Bach) and Itzhak Perlman (Vivaldi). I'm looking for direction here, though - if you've got recommendations, send them along.





Stuff that doesn't fit into my dumb/arbitrary categories.

  • Via Dan, a story about how Anish Kapoor (the artist who, among other things, created the Chicago "bean") acquired the exclusive rights to use Vantablack S-VIS (a sprayable and *slightly* less black version of the blackest substance on earth) in works of art. This is really interesting; I recommend reading Surrey NanoSystems' FAQ page too. Also, take a moment to just appreciate the fact that someone's found a use for carbon nanotubes that isn't decades away from feasibility.
  • Via Jordan, an article about multidimensional knots. Also, incidentally, you should know what a bight is.
  • 1.8 million Chinese coal and steel workers are being laid off.
  • This week's 99 Percent Invisible (which you should *really* subscribe to) is about a phone booth in the middle of the Mojave desert.
  • The Coolest Cooler is out of cash - a scenario that they apparently anticipated over a year ago. I'll say it again: I believe that Kickstarter is a platform for distribution for risk, and as a result there should be some number of project failures (which, to be clear, this one isn't yet) that's healthy and acceptable.


Photos from Playmobil's factory.

Love, Spencer.

p.s. - We should be better friends. Send me a note - coffee's on me :)

Spencer Wright
Spencer Wright
Spencer Wright is the (mostly accidental) founder of Scope of Work, which he started writing (as The Prepared) in 2013. Today he serves as its editor-in-chief and chief dilettante.
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