2015-11-01 2 min read








  • Danny Meyer is eliminating tipping in all of his restaurants. Apparently *everyone* has read this article already and I've had a few conversations (really random ones) about it this week. I'm 100% for this; I think it'll make dining *way* more pleasant as a customer (not being in foodservice myself, I can't really comment on the other purported benefits).
  • A good article on the ongoing debate about what a subway map should look like, and whether it should include geographical information about what's above ground.
  • I had a long article published in Metal Additive Manufacturing Magazine. It's a recap of a lot of my work over the past two years, and includes some more of my thoughts on the industry in general.

Stuff that doesn't fit into my dumb/arbitrary categories.


Photos from NYIO's trip to the MTA's Coney Island Complex.

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