2015-10-25 2 min read



Good 10 days off. Glad to be back.





  • A New Yorker piece on the Chinese-American financial system, which doesn't really fit into the rest of the US economy well, and a Chinese bank in NYC that was recently investigated (perhaps inappropriately) for fraud.
  • Somewhat related, a NYTimes profile of Shrimp Boy, a (former?) Chinese American gangster who was recently arrested for a whole slew of things and is being defended by Richard Serra's estranged brother.
  • While most of the metric system can be derived mathematically, mass is still defined relative to an actual physical thing - "IPK," a cylinder of platinum stored in a basement outside of Paris. Well, a few teams are getting close to making IPK obsolete.

Stuff that doesn't fit into my dumb/arbitrary categories.


The first real work I've done in weeks. For what it's worth,
there are a bunch of things here that have *never* been done before :)

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