2015-08-24 2 min read



I've been learning Materialise Magics over the past week. Magics is kind of the linchpin of the additive manufacturing production chain right now; it takes in 3D CAD files and outputs print programs (essentially). I'll be spending a few more weeks with it before moving on to some advanced design (topology optimization & lattice structure generation) software.

I've also been thinking a bit more about my role in the 3D printing world. I've spent a *lot* of time over the past two years calling experts and asking them questions about the industry, and did similar work while I was working for Undercurrent too. Thinking about this over the past weeks has me remembering this passage from a Chuck Klosterman book, in which he questions why interview subjects feel compelled to answer. It's good.


  • Sam Altman on why you should keep the thing a "project" (as opposed to a "company") for as long as possible.
  • What recent investments (by Berkshire Hathaway and Foxconn) mean for Indian manufacturing.
  • I didn't realize how much the federal investment tax credit has helped SolarCity's business model work. It is being reduced at the end of 2016, and SolarCity's new Buffalo PV cell manufacturing plant will come online shortly after. This article questions how the math will end up working out after the credits expire.




Stuff that doesn't fit into my dumb/arbitrary categories.


All the areas in NYC that are more than 500 meters from a subway stop.

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