2015-05-25 2 min read



With the help of an awesome group of NYC friends, Zach and I built 1100 mechanical assemblies for The Public Radio this weekend. Which is crazy for like ten reasons, but there you go.

I spent most of last week doing 3D printing stuff in California, which was awesome. There's so much stuff happening! And I get to be a part of it. Pretty cool.





Stuff that doesn't fit into my dumb/arbitrary categories.

  • This week I played with my uncle's HP-01, a calculator watch from the 70s.
  • Lenna is the name of a photograph (originally from Playboy) that's commonly used as an example for image processing.
  • It's probably worth knowing (for me, at least) what a combined cycle engine is.


Gratuitous photos of people building a thing I helped design.

Love, Spencer.

ps - Thank you to everyone - especially my friends at Gin Lane, Undercurrent, Brilliant Bicycles and on twitter - who referred me to everything here.

We should be closer friends. Coffee's on me.

Spencer Wright
Spencer Wright
Spencer Wright is the (mostly accidental) founder of Scope of Work, which he started writing (as The Prepared) in 2013. Today he serves as its editor-in-chief and chief dilettante.
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