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I've mostly been working on a long (5k+ words) writeup on my DMLS research to date - and, in the process, thinking about how I can more fully integrate that kind of work into my career. If you've got thoughts on business models that bridge research & strategy - or if you've got a hookup who wants to publish a thoughtful & thorough perspective on the current state of metal 3D printing - hit me up!

I'm also being more rigorous with finances, starting with Nick's budgeting system. In this case, having any idea what's going on >= moving fast and breaking things.


  • I like this idea: stochastic privacy. Basically, the thought is that privacy settings (an app using your location, say) shouldn't be all-or-nothing - they should be probabilistic.
  • The NYTimes piece on Justine Sacco (who you'll remember from her Aids/white privilege tweet) is really good.



  • This is crazy. So, every cell tower is a little different. And your proximity to a cell tower - and the physical objects between your phone and the tower it's communicating with - have a big effect on energy usage. Well it turns out that if you track battery performance really closely, you can geolocate the user without asking for location services permission.
  • So spark plugs introduce a spark at the end of a cylinder, producing incomplete (and inefficient) combustion. But if you could introduce the spark in the middle of the cylinder, you could increase fuel economy substantially. Well some researchers used lasers to do just that, and they made the engine 27% more fuel efficient as a result.
  • Some interesting data on the effectiveness & locations of NYC's speed cameras. In 2014, they issued about $23M worth of fines.


Stuff that doesn't fit into my dumb/arbitrary categories.


Pictures like these ones, from a sulfur mine in Indonesia,
are why I push back on predictions that some
"Uber for manufacturing" startup is going to give
us all jetpacks in the blink of an eye.

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