2014-10-24 2 min read



I've been in Taiwan for the past week, developing designs and helping oversee production for Brilliant Bicycles. I've enjoyed it very much; just being in a truly industrial place is one of my favorite things. But not only is it about seeing how stuff gets made; it's about the cultural and physical infrastructure that allows a culture to build value.

Which is kind of what this newsletter is about: Preparing oneself to create value, and cultivating a mind state that allows that process to flourish.

I'll be writing up more thoughts on my trip in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here's a video of cardboard boxes being made.





Stuff that doesn't fit into my dumb/arbitrary categories.


A bunch of *awesome* photos of the Maersk Triple-E being built.

Love, Spencer.

ps - Thank you to everyone - especially my friends at Gin Lane, Undercurrent, Brilliant Bicycles and on twitter - who referred me to everything here.

We should be closer friends. Coffee's on me.

Spencer Wright
Spencer Wright
Spencer Wright is the (mostly accidental) founder of Scope of Work, which he started writing (as The Prepared) in 2013. Today he serves as its editor-in-chief and chief dilettante.
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