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  • Bolt.io/Medium: "The Internet of (Dumb) Things." Quote: "The tragedy of the IoT movement is smart, talented, ambitious founders spending huge amount of time and money trying to solve problems that people don’t really have."
  • James Surowiecki/The New Yorker: "Twilight of the Brands." A well put argument, and one that I largely agree with: Brands today are only as good as their most recent product.
  • Tatiana Kouskoulas/Jennifer Conlin/Jaunt Detroid: "City of Glass." This contains a really interesting history of the glass industry in Detroit, which I had never paused to consider - but which, of course, was *key* to the auto industry. Note: The first third or so is TL;DR/all about stained glass.
  • Suzanne Berger/Boston Review: "How Finance Gutted Manufacturing." The argument here is that it's not industrial automation, or globalization, that is killing US manufacturing jobs. Instead, it's that shareholders (who are, it should be noted, people too) eliminate efficiencies in search of higher profits.
  • Ben Horowitz: "Notes on Leadership." Good breakdown of three powerful leadership qualities.
  • Ben Horowitz: "Why We Prefer Founding CEOs." (Basically) Ditto the above.
  • Tony Haile/Time: "What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong." On Chartbeat, banner ads, and the portion of attention that's below-the-fold.
  • Felix Salmon/Reuters: "Satoshi: Why Newsweek isn't convincing." A good argument for doing things the bloggy way.
  • Mark Liberman/Languagelog: "Holacracy." ::Sigh:: Languagelog is the best, especially when it's on-topic and references Dilbert.

Stuff that doesn't fit into my dumb/arbitrary categories.


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