2013-12-26 2 min read


"If you're going to make a mailing list, at least make it a self-aware one."

— Me, like a month ago, when I first set this mailing list up.


The purpose of this list is: To be useful. To tell you about things that matter.



  • Wikipedia: "Hedonic Treadmill." Basically, humans aren't very good at getting happier.
  • Wikipedia: "The Planning Fallacy." People are also terrible at planning, even when they're primed to be aware of that fact.




  • Juliet Waters/NYTimes: "The Code of Life." A journalist learns a little programming, and discovers that it's not all bad.
  • FastCo: "Digital Cameras are Messing With Your Memory." This is great, but you really need to read to the end - I suspect that the way that many of us deal with digital photography avoids some of the pitfalls.
  • John Dickerson/Slate: "Note to Selfie." Dickerson gives an excellent, and heartfealt, defense of mobile technology and its place in our everyday lives.


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